Spotkanie 09 listopada 2021 Marcin Pruszczyk
Spotkanie SKFiz
Termin 09 listopada 2021
wtorek, 18:00
Miejsce 1.40, Wydział Fizyki UW,
ul. Pasteura 5, Warszawa
Prelegent Marcin Pruszczyk
Temat Continuum mechanics of epithelial monolayers and bilayers
Abstrakt Deformations of tissues play a key role in the development of organisms. To investigate the mechanics of such deformed tissues, one may ask for continuum theory, i.e. a continuous description of energy in terms of variables well-defined for a system, in which the tissues are treated as continuous entities. The easiest way of describing the energy of a deformed material is within linear elastic theories. However, it is not obvious whether such theories are sufficient for describing biological tissues. We derive the continuum theories from simple microscopic models of cellular interactions and look into the "devil in the detail", i.e. the dependence of the continuum theories on the details of the underlying microscopic models.