Spotkanie 14 maja 2021
Spotkanie SKFiz
Termin 14 maja 2021
piątek, 15:00
Miejsce Zoom
Prelegent Dr Krzysztof Jachymski
Katedra Modelowania Układów Złożonych, Instytut Fizyki Teoretycznej, Wydział Fizyki UW
Temat Quantum simulators: a modest approach to quantum technological advantage
Abstrakt Quantum computers are often advertised as devices that can revolutionize the society. However, the capability of near-term quantum devices is strongly limited by decoherence, operation errors and low number of qubits. Quantum simulators, which do not aim to be universal, but rather focus on specific physical problems, are less prone to errors and can offer better scaling. This research field combines multiple disciplines, both very fundamental and more applied. In my talk, I would like to explain why this approach is needed, discuss some problems, for which quantum simulation can be a helpful tool and showcase physical platforms which are promising for this purpose.