SPOTKANIE 5 czerwca 2019 (dr Jan Kołodyński)
Wspólne seminarium SKFiz i Koła Naukowego Optyki i Fotoniki
Termin 5 czerwca 2019
środa, 17:30
Miejsce B2.38, Wydział Fizyki UW,
ul. Pasteura 5, Warszawa
Prelegent dr Jan Kołodyński
Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, CeNT, UW
Temat Quantum Technologies Beyond Quantum Computing
Abstrakt Quantum technologies are promised to soon become available to mere mortals. Nevertheless, the question remains which of them will and what does it really mean soon. Recently, the scene has been largely taken over by quantum computers with the first one being available "commercially" from Jan 2019: IBM Q "System One". In my talk, I will try to decipher a bit what quantum computers have potential really to do in the near future, while also arguing what they will not (or should not be considered to) be useful for. While trying to be as objective as possible, I will try to convince the audience that currently there exists a potential for other quantum-based technological advances that we should not forget about as physicists.